Tag: Whimsical Ways

A fantasy game in development by Ron Edwards, informally adapted from Legendary Lives.

  • Situation exercise

    Situation exercise

    This is a bit of game design and a bit of an example for people interested in the “situations” topic I’ve been discussing lately. I asked patrons to make Whimsical Ways characters so I could try my hand at the instructions and notions I have for setting up situations for play, especially for the first […]

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  • Situation: case study

    Situation: case study

    Working from the presentation and discussion at Situation: primary and primal, and drawing upon the game shared in Here comes trouble, now I want to show you exactly what I mean by scene framing, resolution (both successes and failures), and those weird black arrows in that circle diagram. I’m using our short game of “Whimsical […]

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  • Here comes trouble

    Here comes trouble

    Over at the Patreon, I’ve been musing about and sharing iterations of my personal hack-and-whack job on Legendary Lives. It took a big jump after the discussion here at Monday Lab: Probable cause, and turned a corner at the dubious moment that I decided all the Imperial characters would have mustaches, yes, all of them. […]

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