Learning about roleplaying


All courses meet once per week, two hours per session, for five weeks. Each includes in-class activities and homework assignments.

The upcoming term is March 6 through April 3 and includes People and Play and Situation and Story.

People and Play is the introductory course and is required for any of the others. It presents the immediate experience of play: what it’s like to do it, what interactions and concepts are involved, some of the shapes and profiles the activity has taken on over its history, and its qualities as a unique medium of expression. Its lens is “the obvious,” what you know you do when you’re doing it. People and Play is offered every term.

Situation and Story examines the situations of play: what is in them, how they are constructed, and how they change. It provides practical comparisons and experiences based on the whole historical range of the activity, to understand and build individual skills.

The other courses are offered variably per term: Phenomena, Situation and Story, Three Fantasies, Numeracy, Playing with The Pool, Free Radical, The Ronnies, or Action in Your Action.


Norrköping library summer 2023


Find me in the Arrangemang: Rollspel and Arrangemang: Föresläsningar & Workshops sections of the linked websites.

… where I’ll present some thoughts on role-playing as a medium, run a workshop about fantasy and early role-playing games, and play Circle of Hands and Khaotic.

… where I’ll present a critique of hobby culture and play Darkurthe Legends and Spione.

… where I’ll host a room dedicated to learning about role-playing, including multiple introductory activities and opportunities for play.


My background in university teaching includes laboratory, active, group, and experiential techniques, as well as constant critique and revision of science curricula and texts. I bring these skills into interactive workshops which fold well into a wide range of topics. Role-playing works extremely well, similarly to writing as a form of expression, as a means of learning and reflecting upon the topic of a course.

I will be participating as an invited instructor for the Erasmus Project, 2023 in Rome, Italy, April 17-21.