Learning about roleplaying

Online coursework

These courses teach what role-playing is and about its varying aspects. A given course fee is 1200 SEK + VAT. We meet by screen once per week, two hours per session, for five weeks, and each session includes in-class activities and homework assignments.

The next term runs during April 2024, including the courses People and Play and Playing with The Pool.

Visiting for teaching and workshops

Are you an organizer for a community or club, or faculty at a school? I am available for participating there.

  • For communities or clubs which include role-playing, I present workshops regarding different aspects and methods of play. I do not require payment but I would appreciate coverage for travel, lodging, and meals.
  • For schools or equivalent programs, I adapt role-playing methods into experiential/active learning activities, based on your program and interests. My fee is 2000 SEK + VAT per day, as well as coverage for travel, lodging, and meals.

Please listen to this – it may surprise you.

Adept Play resume