May 2023 Q&A

The first video is long as I wanted to keep my reply to Mark in a single packet. His question was a comment in the previous Q&A post, regarding my recommendations for myth inquiries & ideas regarding popular culture. I’ve attached an outline which may make it easier to follow.

I did not manage actually to say one important thing: Mark, if one or more of the categories strikes you as especially relevant or intriguing, let me know and I can get deeper into it with more concepts and references.

A. David Lewis’ blog is Sacred and Sequential . He invited me to include content from my blog, especially Everyday religion | Comics Madness, Four-color Christ Jesus | Comics Madness, and Super good | Comics Madness.

Since I don’t rehearse these presentations, sometimes I forget to say things I have planned, in this case Simcha Weinstein’s Up, Up, and Oy Vey! for the myth-superheroes topic and Robertson Davies’ Fifth Business (first book in the Deptford trilogy) for the positive side of Jungian ideas, which I at least remembered for the images in the video, and John Shelton Lawrence’s and Robert Jewett’s The Myth of the American Superhero, which I forgot entirely.

The remaining questions weren’t mild either, including issues of character death, situational dungeoneering, squad/team play contexts, and the terrifying combat capacity of a spectral djinn superhero.

The comments at the Patreon are included below, and I would like to see further discussion here.

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