Issues #1-7

Sam and I sat down last week to record a conversation about a 7-issue run on Villains & Vigilantes we did along with our longtime creative collaborator Robin.

Personally, I value how unprogrammed this particular dialog was. We excavated lessons from our play of Villains & Vigilantes that we’re excited to apply to our current game of Vigil.

If you’re unfamiliar with comics or superhero roleplaying, I’d recommend diving into the “Titles and Topics” and seeing where it takes you. Adept Play has a treasury of AP reports, recordings, and discussions that turned me into a passionate comics reader and role-player.

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  1. I am thrilled by Sam’s summary of inspirational or inspired content prior to play, and whatever may or may not come of it, as opposed to content one may be determined to enact in play or to see produced by play. That is fundamental to what we do.

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