Inclusive Design

Here’s an interview with me and Thomas Munier, who has been developing materials and ideas in the Francophone-Anglophone overlap. The title term is his, and its meaning is quite broad. He prepared the ground as follows:

I would say that there are three parts to deal with which show an approach to inclusive design which is that of creating fresco-games:
– how to make different game desires coexist (quadriptic of the tactical / moral / aesthetic / social game) (to make the author mode and the character mode coexist)
– how to include large audiences (people from minorities, people with disabilities)
– how to quickly include beginners or people with cognitive overload without giving up the ambition of fresco (from the plug-and-play game to the world-system)

Surprising no one, we managed to focus on only one of them – the second bullet point – and another interview is scheduled to continue. I think you’ll see/hear that our rapport was very productive, and I’m looking forward to it.

Click here for the interview
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