Conversation: talking with Megan in the creative zone

Megan Bennett-Burks and I toss some topics back and forth mainly because we both grapple with them. You’ll probably recognize my beefs with crowdfunding, or rather, how it happened to turn out in practice, despite my support for the basic idea; also, my ongoing effort to distinguish between text as teaching vs. reference vs. user manual. Another concerns personal sacred cows for a given design, whether you hold onto’em in the teeth of playtester adversity or admit that they have indeed strayed into the design unjustifiably and need to be ushered out. And related, when or how often one simply sets aside a design in progress, even when it’s technically almost done. Still another concerns what “advancement” is actually for, including the possibility that it may not be improvement but rather creator-concept taking shape through use.

Anyway, it’s a very informal conversation with no pressure or notion of a conclusion to reach, but I think it’s a good one for people in the same zone – in part, perhaps, to know that we’re all coping or thinking about similar things. If you think of something that could well have fit right into this exchange, but we didn’t hit, please say!


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