Sentinels of Justice: “The Wages of Justice”

Hello folks! Here is the session 2 play report for our Sentinels of Justice Champions Now game. There was no combat this session, so far less system involved, but many repercussions from the previous session and new elements pulled in from the hero sheets.

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  1. I know you’ve played more sessions beyond this one, so it’s probably not useful to comment as if it were current. Instead of any sort of critique, which is a really bad idea anyway at this point, I’m interested about whatever rules or procedures questions seem evident to you from this session.

    Even better: what questions did it raise for you that indicated that you were on a learning curve of your own?

    • Hi Ron! First, I like critique, so I’d be happy to receive any you might have to give. Indeed, the primary reason that I’m sharing these experiences is to receive feedback and questions that might help me develop as a tabletop roleplayer and GM. Specifically, I want to become aware of things I might not see. So, don’t hold back!

      Regarding your question, I’m not sure that any rules and procedures questions were evident to me about the session, which in and of itself “worried” me (as I like to identify moments of uncertainty that I can focus on after play).

      Also, it’s been a while, but I DO remember wondering if I’d missed any opportunities for Presence Attacks and other Characteristics rolls during the interactive scenes. I’m still uncertain about Detective Work: both how I adjudicated its use when Mike invoked it for Major Shocker and the degree to which I should be reminding the players that it’s an option, given that we’re at the early stages of play. (I did NOT remind players that it was on their sheets or invoke it for them this time.)

      Aside from the few Presence Attacks and Characteristics rolls I DID have players make, the only procedure or rule I can remember using is marking up the Now during play based on what was happening. More specifically, the Silver Legion members are taking a series of actions behind the scenes, some of which have uncertain outcomes. I made a series of Presence Attacks and other rolls to determine how those actions unfolded and recorded those outcomes on the Now.

      Although specific questions didn’t arise, I can point to one thing I need to improve. I’m unsatisfied with my handle on some NPCs – especially Dylan’s wife, Nadia. I aim to better understand her by playing with how she appears as a Situation on Justicar’s hero sheet. Also, I’m always vigilant about how I handle scene transitions. They felt natural, organic, and largely player-driven this session, so they felt “good,” but I often second-guess myself as I guard against any railroading that might unintentionally occur.

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