April 2023 Q&A

[image by Jennell Jacquays, from Cults of Terror]

We’re into questions that wouldn’t be possible without many of the exchanges and developments carried out through the past couple of years. There’s a historical look at Arkat and Nysalor/Gbaji, who may even perhaps have escaped over-canonizing, a follow-up on last month’s Patreon post about characters and situations, and a genuinely strange set of lenses to turn upon Aberrant, very much a game of its time.

For that last question, it definitely did not need any more obscure or idiosyncratic nuances from me than I already provided, but it still pains me to have excluded the multiple attempts by various companies to “rebottle the lightning” as they perceived the early-mid-1960s in comics. I wrote some strong posts about it at the comics blog, so you can probably connect them to this discussion pretty easily: I, said the Fly | Comics Madness, Liberty Project | Comics Madness, Striking twice, some day | Comics Madness, Stillborn | Comics Madness, Elementary | Comics Madness


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