February 2023 Q&A

Lucky 13th time – I hope you like it, because this was a beast of a question series, across a wide variety of topics. I even get to revisit the Finding D&D series regarding current IP/OGL shenanigans.

I promised Alessio a couple of links so here they are: Presentation: Why Glorantha (and its games) and Noah’s comment in Unsuccessful RuneQuesting leads to successful play.

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2 responses to “February 2023 Q&A”

  1. I remember being somewhat baffled by Questworlds having an Apocalypse World-like character advancement system when I looked at the current SRD, since I only knew Heroquest 1/Heroquest ’03 and never paid attention to the intervening games in ’09 and 2013. Now, having read through Hero Wars for the first time, the trajectory becomes clearer.

    • I would like to see the big table someone may make some day, in which the rows are about ten basic game procedures and the columns are, in order, the iterations of this line of games.

      I’ve made tables like this for several complex title-publishing or design-conversation groups of games, and it’s always helpful, but at this moment, I’m just about entirely de-motivated for it, in terms of effort. So “someone else” rather than someone-means-me.

      I’d like to see it for my own understanding, but I also think it would help these discussions to stop collapsing into vagueness among our varying experiences and texts.

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