Q and A bucketload

For the last few months, I’ve invited patrons to ask me things, which I grapple with and collect as a presentation at the beginning of each month..

I can’t say I really answer them in an Ask Advice fashion, although you’ll certainly learn what I think. Sometimes it’s “I don’t know.”

The embedded link goes to the fifth presentation, created in the first week of June, for the extensive questions from April and May. I’m about to create the one for July, which will go to the Patreon first and then will be posted here a month from now.

The titles focus a little bit more on my games this time, although not entirely. Perhaps it’s because we’ve worked through the rather thorough emphasis on RuneQuest in the previous months, who knows. But the topics range all over the place, from various design stages or the experience of design, the workings of backstory and narration as expressions of play rather than power, differences between original and translated versions, coping with the scattered physical instruments of play, and more. 

The link is also inside the playlist for all of the presentations so far. If you watch any of the previous ones, please visit Q and A at the Patreon for the PDFs which collect the dialogues at the Patreon as well.

I’d like to see more follow-up on these here at the site. 

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