Dim memories, decaying tentacles

It’s a good thing I reviewed my drives, because I found this game session played in March. I think it was the last time I went to Spelens Hus physically before shifting to screen play.

Cold Soldier is an important game in terms of processes and learning. It has a way of breaking open one’s deepest stuck or habitual boundaries in this medium. I’ve been considering setting up a play-curriculum that would begin with this game, then proceed to The Pool, and then to Trollbabe.

With this plan or prospect in mind, I played several sessions with various people during 2017, before I had my recording equipment set up, and carried out discussions of each at the Patreon. When I set up Adept Play in early 2018, I copied these over as early posts. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to review them.

I also urge you to consider playing the game yourself. With the author’s permission, I have rewritten the rules’ presentation, with no changes to the actual rules, and can provide it for free – they’re attached to this post.

Anyway, events have intervened in a wide variety of ways, so I didn’t get around to continuing to play the game steadily with as many people as possible after Adept Play really got going. This is, so far, the only live recording I have for it.

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