When how and who

Here’s another discussion of Quella Volta Che, aimed at the nuts and bolts of “what happens” in play, due to player choices and statements. We couldn’t have done this without the previous session which focused so intently on content.

Part 1 addresses character creation steps, a topic I’d love to get into more thoroughly in a Monday Lab some time. Briefly, I’m contrasting steps in which you choose or provide something with steps in which some game, text, other player, or basically anything but you provides something. In the current design, all the steps are the former, and I raise the question of whether alternating would be better for character buy-in, especially since new players are practically a given for this game.

Part 2 (next in the playlist) addresses whether an object-based resolution technique could be embedded within the all-verbal current technique. To put that a little differently, currently, resolution is given Bounce by transferring speaking-role to the next player, more or less in the middle of a tricky situation. That’s an Outcome Authority issue. (In case you’re interested, the “Enough!” mechanic isn’t the same thing because it dials back a stated event rather than resolving or opposing it; it’s a Situation Authority technique.)

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