The Darkness is winning

This has been a great consulting experience. Watch the way Dustin considers what I say about using the overall game/realm conflict as the rating for the power for replacement characters, internalizes it, but then completely makes it his own (and much better) by using the adversary’s current “win” score instead.

I say “this is a suggestion, consider it but don’t just take it,” so often for a reason. But it’s really hard for some clients to believe it. It’s a pleasure to know that’s not an issue in this case.

Part 1 (below) concerns that main point: given the rather harsh and focused “fate of the realm” contest that frames all of play, what power-rating for replacement characters makes sense, and how do you keep character death-and-replacement from becoming its own strategic detail? I wanted to cut the session into three videos, but this section was simply too strong as a unit.

Part 2 is about inspiration and excitement, using imagery or favorite daydreamed moments as touchpoints during the design process. Dustin was right on it, having commissioned a logo which serves this purpose for him.


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