Tag: Zombie Cinema

A horror game by Eero Tuovinen, published by his company Arkenstone Publishing in 2008.

  • Interlude with zombies

    Interlude with zombies

    When the whole group can’t make it to a Spelens Hus session, we typically play something brief and with any luck thought-provoking. I played Zombie Cinema there a couple of years ago, in a very pick-up circumstance, but the regular group hasn’t seen it, so that’s what we did. You can see in the video […]

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  • Why zombies matter

    Why zombies matter

    There’s an enthusiastic bunch at Spelens Hus here! They were even up for a late-night Zombie Cinema game, sight unseen, “Ron has it in his bag? Sure, let’s try it.” The game is maxed at six players and I was turning people away. The result was an extremely energetic session, occasionally shouty, with vivid characters […]

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