Author: Denis deG

  • Savage Worlds: Pathfinder

    Savage Worlds: Pathfinder

    IN SHORT…  I sometimes say that “I can play any game, but just not with everyone”. I think that statement applies to SW: Pathfinder for which I am a player in a campaign ran by some old-school players who tend to play the way I used to in the 90s. Crude jokes, PvP à gogo, coarse…

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  • VersuS


    IN SHORT…  I had the pleasure of being invited to a session of VersuS, which is in the late stage of design and independent publication by Alexandre Joly (a.k.a. MagnaMagister), a passionate game designer based in France. The game is premised upon a world full of “supers” since the dawn of times — with heroes…

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  • Dungeon World

    Dungeon World

    IN SHORT… We are 18 sessions of 4h each into a campaign of Dungeon World that is a bit of a Frankenstein monster: Dungeon World, on a loose Acquisitions Incorporated frame on it, in a world we made up using a map of Faerun without taking the elements of the D&D setting… It has turned in…

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  • Call of Cthulhu

    Call of Cthulhu

    IN SHORT… Tristan Lhomme is a well-known RPG name in France from the 80s and 90s. He massively contributed to the popularity of RPGs in the country by publishing excellent reviews, scenarios, supplements. We played one of the CoC scenarios that he wrote, “A quiet village”, and it really was a blast. # # #…

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  • Blades in the dark

    Blades in the dark

    IN SHORT… I have a complex relationship to BitD. It’s the game that made me “rediscover” RPGs after a long hiatus, in a long 20-session campaign that I ran as a GM without having ever played the game as a player… Along the way, I can say that I didn’t always run it as intended,…

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  • In nomine satanis / magna veritas

    In nomine satanis / magna veritas

    IN SHORT… INS / MV was a bit of an iconic game for me. I “missed” it in the 90s when I started playing and was largely consumed by other games. I recently discovered that a 5th edition, with a lighter setting and ruleset than prior editions, had been published in 2015. I decided to…

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