The Sentinels of Justice: Hero Sheets

Hi all! This is the third installment in my series of posts on the Champions Now game that has come to be named The Sentinels of Justice.

The first post (Greetings: On My Way to Champions Now) presented the two statements I used to kick off the game, along with some musings. The second post (The Gift) presented the 3-corner sheets my players submitted in response to the two statements along with more musings.

This post provides a link to the video that discusses the hero sheets that emerged from the 3-corner sheets. The YouTube page also includes hero sheets and build sheets for anybody interested in perusing them.

I’m shifting to video presentations rather than written content because it’s much easier for me to generate given my energy levels after teaching all day.

Anyway, my next video will probably be on generating The Now for the campaign. After that, I’ll start doing session reports.

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2 responses to “The Sentinels of Justice: Hero Sheets”

  1. I appreciate that you’re demonstrating something important: that at this stage, you are not personally obsessing and planning and weaving about what will happen to them, what they should do, and where play should go. “But but what shall I do, what must I do so that this hero goes to X and sees Y and cares about Z?” is the cry of the broken GM who’s planning their table Crisis on Infinite Earths or whatever.

    • Yeah, such concerns couldn’t be farther from my mind at this stage. No need! The hero sheets are telling me all I need to know. I’ll explain how I planned the first session in my next installment on The Now, but from then on, I’ve done nothing but consult the sheets, consult the Now, and respond.

      Mind you – I’ll fess up to being that broken GM in the past. Sort of. I remember planning a list of “adventures” for the “Golden Age” Champions game that I ran back in the 1990s. It was more of a list of villains that I planned for the players to encounter, but I never plotted things so carefully or intricately. I’d just look for opportunities to slot them into the game’s progression.

      I also remember imagining how things might ultimately come together into some sort of “Crisis of Infinite Earths” type of event, especially after that “Golden Age” game spawned a relatively successful “Silver Age” game, and a not-so-successful “Modern Age” game. Still, the event never came together, and I never really plotted it in stages that I tried to force. Instead, the event that never came was an amorphous thing that would shift its possible contours depending on what was happening in our games. If I’m kind to myself, I’ll say that I spared myself such plotting because I knew that it was antithetical to play (even if I didn’t have the language to express as much), but it’s entirely possible that I didn’t go there because I was too “lazy” or because I lacked the confidence or ability to write something “clever” enough to count.

      I have some musings about the broken GM’s “How do I get them to care” question as they pertain to my particular gaming circle, but I need to think about them a bit more …

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