Listening to the past

Ever since Sean talked to me about consulting for his project The Empire of the Dragon Lotus, I’ve been looking through old files and papers for the earliest work by that name that I remembered from him, fifteen to seventeen years ago. I wanted to review some points of interest – especially since what he was working with now seemed to me pale or lacking in spark, at least as I’d recalled being there, if not what exactly.

Then lo and behold, an innocent and anonymous looking flash drive surrendered its secrets to me, and there it was! I sent it to Sean right away and we decided to hold his remaining consulting session to see what it might teach us. The answer is, a lot. Not necessarily because it’s brilliant (we were both holding our noses about some things, which we didn’t even really need to discuss), but because, well, in one particular place and procedure, the spark was plainly visible.

Basically, in order to realize the romance and legacy aspects of his topic, Sean had to design hard for failure and price. It’s a pretty neat discussion about these things, especially how they factor into preparing situations.

The video goes to this session although it’s inside the same playlist as the previous sessions.


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