Tuning in and turning on


The learning process is a whole phenomenon of its own to watch, which is why I left in most of the considered silences so you can get an idea of the processing, especially since it typically resulted in inspiration. In the first turn, you can see them tune in and turn on, if you will – thereafter the session was marked by a certain imaginative ferocity, and I could sit back and do the Narrator’s easy jobs.

One interesting bit came when Mikal used  “That didn’t happen” and thought, or at least wondered, whether it is like a meta-point that is a literal “take back” of play. I explained that no, it’s not, but is just using a super-power like any other. This is relevant to some recent patron discussions about negotiations and take-backs and overrides in the middle of resolution, so I thought I’d point it out.

I was badly prepared in that I haven’t played the game for a while and was out of the necessary rules/head space – it is really different from Champions Now and I kept starting to say how to do something and coming up garbled.

The worst example is that I screwed up the player order. During late-stage playtesting, I changed the method for the last time so that it worked, and the Interesting Player is always the previous Featured one, and yet no one is sitting there for a full cycle without getting to do anything. You can see it bite me me hard when Sandra becomes the Interesting Player and does not have anything cool on her own sheet to work with, as she hasn’t played yet. I was completely flustered and had her work off of Mikal’s sheet in desperation. It catches up with itself when we complete the cycle with Mikal as her Interesting Player, but that part was totally wrong, is all I can say.

Otherwise? Enjoy. It’s a ride, and I think you can see that the players want to stay on it.

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