Two pals pow!

I invited my old friend Jared Sorensen, a.k.a. Memento Mori Theatrics, over to Sweden for a late-autumn getaway – and also to meet my new friend Simon Pettersson, a.k.a. (part of) Urverk Speldesign. The plan was a few days of unbridled RPG discourse, RPG play, unconstructed conversation, kid-wrangling, and meeting with some local players too. It worked!

We recorded a ton of stuff, including several conversations and several games including Freemarket and Vigil, all of which are under way for posting here. However, a lot went unrecorded as well, so this post and video are about those things. It’s just me talking about us messing a bit with games, including my Champions Now, Legendary Lives, and Simon’s Nerver av Stahl (Nerves of Steel). I think you’ll find it full of ideas and discussion points.

And if I’m very unlucky, Simon and Jared will see it and comment to defend themselves against my outrageous claims and no doubt objectionable characterizations.

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