Mythic D6 with Jerry D. Grayson

Come join Babies with Knives as Mythic D6 creator Jerry D. Grayson gives us a crash course (without crashing the helicopter) of action adventure within the system and default setting!  We even get to play with the PreGen Iconics from the book!  Lots of fun!


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  1. Hello and welcome!

    It may take a little time for viewing and commenting, but I'm on it! Adept Play regulars, please join me in doing so – this is a great time for criss-cross viewing and commentary.

    • Thanks!

      Thank you Ron!  Very much looking forward to interacting with everyone here! 🙂  I'll post up a few more things in the next few days.  (I play a variety of systems haha.)

  2. I had fun time watching you

    I had fun time watching you all leap into superhero action.  A few thoughts:

    You all jumped into using hero points / disadvantage points. They seemed to be pitched at the right level to let the characters really bring the super when needed but also to make invoking disadvantages tempting. And there was an interesting mixture of players saying x happens, that's my characters disadvantage, like Manat's "never sit still" , and players bringing in their disadvantages and leaving Jerry to weave them in, e.g. Cardinal near the end. Both seemed functional uses of the system and the second seems like it could potentially be used to drive play quite a bit.

    The ordering of actions in play seemed like maybe it needed more structure (at least than I saw in this play instance). There's initiative but I wasn't clear how that worked with evasive actions, could you bring forward you action to evade an attack by a character higher up the initiative order? And the big blocks of multiple actions in the final battle were cool but maybe would have shone better if extra actions happened later in the initiative order?

    Again about the multiple actions,  I liked the permissive approach with the initially fairly small penalty to the later rolls but I wonder whether, if this is a big feature of play, the DoD could sometimes go a bit higher; if players are rolling lots then a few more failed rolls won't as much. It might also create a more dynamic fiction if failed rolls had more ensuing consequences – I don't recall noticing this much in this session.

    Thanks for sharing, even the squawking!

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