Hit the Streets: Defend the Block Demo

Rich Rogers joinsthe BwK crew for a demo session of his new TTRPG designed to concentrate on street level play.  Be sure to check out the character and block generation we did prior to the actual play: https://youtu.be/ZygQcGf0Ql4


One response to “Hit the Streets: Defend the Block Demo”

  1. Grounded characters

    The life and nature of the characters was quite lifelike; it was very nice to hear and people were clearly drawing on their experience (or research), there.

    The end briefing reminds me of the artha awarding end routine for Burning wheel: Short reflection of what happened in game and who gets rewards for it. I do like it more than the game master handing out an arbitrary number of experience based on good roleplaying or similar, and it does have the purpose of recalling what happened in play, though the rewards are less immediate than they would be if given during play.

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