Designers on the road

Hey! Alex cleverly informed Paul and me that he wanted to do an interview after we were trapped in the back seat on the way to Lucca from our apartment (in Viareggio? one of those coastal towns). I can now boast that I was able to unburden my soul to a geisha! Because cosplayers count.

Moreno was driving, Chiara (not pictured) is over to my right, and the GPS supplied helpful background chatter if you’re interested in wherever we were at any moment and understand Italian.

Alex has posted a version edited to the mandated length at Giochi di Riulo, but here’s the whole thing!

Paul’s the gravelly ironic voice who does disciplined stream-of-consciousness sessions; I’m the chatty baritone who does stream-of-life in the crazy notebooks.

We cover a lot of ground, from creative processes to criticisms of play culture, from plain enjoyment to reflections on the Forge. I mention the Phenomenology videos in there, so if you didn’t know about them, they’re here.

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  1. I was the one driving, not

    I was the one driving, not Matteo (that is my car and you can hear my voice – and my laugh sometimes – in the recording), sorry again for the GPS, but I had to take you to Lucca and I didn't remember the road…

    For the people listening to the recording, the repeated "thump" you hear sometimes in the recording are the expantion joints in the road

    • Dammit, you're right. I'll fix it. It's more than just a typo because you were the hero of the morning, managing to get Alex and Chiara to the right place, then me to my workshop, then Paul to where he needed to be, and then (somehow) yourself to the workshop without killing anyone, to my knowledge at least.

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