Introducing Role-playing

Ken Oswald is a game and comics retailer in Alabama, who’ll be giving an ambitious introduction to role-playing later this summer, He contacted me for sort of a brainstorm, let’s compare notes session. The question is, how might a non-role-playing, or sorta-semi, heard-about-it audience be best oriented? Without manipulating toward specific products, and without falling back on the familiar hobby framing-terms.

I’ve already snipped out the bit about le mon mouri into its own post, and had thought to do similarly with the rest, but then went with it as a  unit. There are three distinct parts, but the transition for each is so smooth that I couldn’t take the time to massage two new introductions in there.

At a couple of points, we are most frank concerning some aspects or sectors of hobby gaming culture. I was a little reluctant to post it! Ken was fearless, though, “let the chips fall where they may,” so here we go.

Ken’s store: Excelsior Games & Comics

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  1. Interesting Stuff!

    This was a really interesting talk, I had heard most of the ideas presented by Ron but it was useful to see them articulated here to clarify some stuff in my head. And there's a few new ones I'll have to ponder upon for a while.

    And Ken, I really like the idea of an "Introduction to RPGs" talk that it's not all about D&D. Will it be recorded by any chance? it'll be great to see how it turns out.

    – Angel

    • That's a good point, I really want to see how this goes and to include it here too.

      You know, that brings up another point. I really like talking with people who own their presence in this hobby. Ken likes my work, likes my writing, but he has a wealth of experience as a role-player and as a professional industry person.It's really a meeting of minds.

    • I can already see ideas forming in your head, so I'm just going to say that I agree. The conversation with Ivan was great too.Also, I meant to say this in the other post, but I'm really intrigued by le mon mouri. It's sounds really interesting and it's not available anywhere. It's would be a shame for such an unique game to be lost .

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