A new Mars, born in struggle

The conclusion to our 39 Dark game, in two videos: Lane Novack, good guy or bad guy? I’m interested in your opinion.

Some things to talk about include:

  • What’s going on when players bypass the imagined situation, announcing actions or making statements without any reference to location, characters’ presence, movements, or anything similar.
  • Whether 39 Dark facilitates the Step On Up purpose.
  • The point of the real-world political grounding, whether our game fulfilled that point, and why or why not.
  • An opportunity to compare my “playing on purpose” with Vincent’s “object of the game.”

The big video below is #2, and here’s the link to the third and final session.

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  1. Rules Clarification

    I can't believe I missed this on first listen, but to clarifying your rules question: you can have more than one active agenda at a time. As soon as you make Significatnt Progress on an Agenda (i.e., 40 or more points out of the target 80), you create a new Agenda up to a maximum of five. I think the confusion comes in when re-reading the section on Abandonment. It says you're only allowed to abandon the "current" Agenda. But that does not mean there is only ever one active Agenda at a time. Instead, it's referring to the fact that you are only allowed to abandon an Agenda that you were working on in the immediately preceeding Progress Scene. That's the "current" Agenda I'm referring to there on page 61.

    • Ah ha! That’s exactly right

      Ah ha! That's exactly right regarding what tripped me up. I couldn't believe you couldn't have more than one Agenda going, as I'd remembered playing that way every time so far, but I kept running into that sentence. Thanks Tim!

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