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James Bond 007 is an espionage and action game by Gerard Christopher Klug, published by Victory Games Inc in 1983.

  • The Paris Lift

    The Paris Lift

      This is an excerpt of one session from a multi-session mission. Attachments include more detail on previous sessions and more information on situation, NPCs, and game states, if you are interested. I’ve also attached two handouts I made for the game. I post this as an attempt to show how we played this game…

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  • James Bond 007 (2): Hero Points and IIEE

    James Bond 007 (2): Hero Points and IIEE

    James Bond RPG (1983) — Hero Points and IIEE (Continued from "James Bond 007: Hero Points in play" http://adeptplay.com/actual-play/james-bond-007-hero-points-play ) The seminar "MONDAY LAB: (AA)IIEE 2!" http://adeptplay.com/seminar-hearts-minds/monday-lab-aaiiee-2 has prompted some thoughts about how the Hero Points in James Bond RPG are part of the Intent, Initiation, Execution, Effect (IIEE) system of the game.  In JB,…

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  • James Bond 007: Hero Points in play

    James Bond 007: Hero Points in play

    Watching the discussion "Dice: the love, the hate, the fear, the need" ( http://adeptplay.com/consulting/dice-love-hate-fear-need ) led me to consider the role of Hero Points in several role-playing games I'm familiar with. By Hero Points I mean a fund of points that a player can spend to influence the outcome of a resolution system that calls…

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