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I have mentioned before that I like to run convention games and do so several times a year.

Posted by: Sean_RDP
05 Apr 2022
Games: BRP, Pendragon

Ten years ago I played Pendragon (4th Edition 1993) with my friends Josh (GM), Adrian, Dan, Chris, and a few guests. The campaign lasted over twenty sessions, and sadly while I remember many stories I don’t recall many specific moments of play.  So I asked the discord for some topics to narrow focus, and people suggested Personality Traits and Passions.

Posted by: James_Nostack
08 Feb 2022
Games: Pendragon

Part of hobby mythology concerns role-playing's origins as bringing tighter focus into table-top wargaming, such that within this or that battalion, or aboard this or that vehicle, the group can look closer and see Sergeant Bob or whoever running around, being a character, having opinions, and doing things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
24 Nov 2020

Dan and I go way back although we hadn't met or interacted directly before; he was in at some of the earlier Forge days and has good memories. It's nice to talk with someone with those.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
28 Nov 2019

This was a remarkable opportunity and experience. Adding my old-book RuneQuest game session to the Gothcon schedule caught some attention, as the Swedish version of the new edition has been organized, and its publisher and authors asked if we could add a panel for some conversation.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
22 May 2019
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I cannot as yet summarize or eulogize or otherwise "state" my response to Greg's death. It wasn't that much of a surprise, yet was as hard as they all have been. He was a grandmaster of this activity we do, and he was my friend.

This five-video discussion is more of a celebration of encountering his work, with a little bit of reminiscence occasionally. I don't have much to add except for these:

Posted by: Ron Edwards
26 Nov 2018

Oh golly, let’s see a bunch of guys over-share about how much their characters have been having sex!! ... for those few of you remaining in the room, you’ll see us talk well beyond the boilerplate. Sex has been freed-up in role-playing over the last decade and a half. This seems to have freed us as well into dialing-back and modulating how it plays into everything else, to find some new things this medium-and-activity can do.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
29 Apr 2018