Pendragon: The Boy King -The first steps.

My spouse and I decided to play Pendragon. We have the 3rd Edition rules, and a few of the supplements; Knights Adventurous, Savage Mountains and The Boy King (1st Edition). We are playing using The Boy King, an 80 Year Arthurian Campaign and Chronology, as the outline for our game. Note: The Boy King requires Knights Adventurous.

I wanted to GM to see how using a “big campaign book” felt on the referee’s side of things. My partner is extremely excited to play an Athruian Chivalric Knight. So, Adrean (they/them) made a Player Knight “Aeddan, the Sixth Son of Addony” and we played the following weekend.

A Player Knight’s first session involves: Squire training to learn combat, and hunting a wild bear (the adventure “The Hunt”). This is followed by going to Court and being Knighted. We only made it to the conclusion of The Hunt, with Master Aeddan swiftly tracking down the bear and slaying it. After skinning the bear, I rolled for a random encounter (The Boy King has encounter tables), and a Lord’s Hunting party was the result, which is where we stopped.

I decided that the Lord will be the Earl of Wuerensis County, whom Aeddan’s family traditionally serves. The impression Aeddony will make on the Earl is going to influence whom Aeddony will be serving as a Household Knight. Will Aeddony serve Earl directly? A family member? It’ll be cool to find out.

This was a lot of fun! The combat was interesting enough, I am curious to see how the relatively (for me) light combat rules shake out in larger situations like Battles and Sieges. As it stands – I really wanted more maneuvers and detail, but I can see that slowing down larger scale combats too much.

We had one mandatory trait test during the training: Valorous to not yield after receiving a critical hit in a sparring match. No passions were invoked yet.

I’ve been enjoying the structured/mini-game resolution systems more than I thought I would too!

Over the next few sessions, we’ll be digging into the campaign and adventures more properly. It should be roughly 15 or so years of game time before Arthur pulls the Sword from the Stone. My hope is we’ll have an established cast to play with those events by then, and see how our Arthurian story takes shape.