September Q&A

Here’s a good chance to see some or a lot of what I don’t know.

Topics include some Sorcerer mechanics, academia, early TSR games, a notable slightly-later TSR game, a whole branch of RPG publishing in a single company, and a real conceptual conundrum.

The discussion from the Patreon is attached, so take a look if you’d like. The dialogue with John turned into a screen conversation, so if that turns out to be publicly shareable, I’ll include it here later.

As always, I would very much like to see more thoughts, comments, questions, et cetera for these posts. There’s a lot to learn, and here is better. A personal note at Discord is nice but it doesn’t really serve the purpose here, which (I hope) is valued.

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  1. Sorcerer

    In the "it's obvious once you say it and I don't see how I couldn't see it before" serie and "I thought I got Sorcerer right", I didn't realize until know how the crucial mechanic was crucial. So, the victory dice won by the Demons or NPC through a conflict of interest, translates into the fiction by the fact that this fictional entity "feels" his suddain slight superiority/opportunity to push its own interest. I'm learning every week.

    • I’m not sure whether there’s

      I'm not sure whether there's a precise correspondence between number of victories and a specific in-fiction feeling, but certainly content of some kind has been established.

      The game is left rather open in terms of what that content may be, per roll, as it's customized via intuition as a feature of play. That's probably why I always "knew" narration should left open in terms of person or persons, rather than locked down to GM or player or high-roller or whatever. I use quotes there because over the years I didn't really know why that was the best practice in play, but now the reason is becoming clearer to me.

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