Journal of a (post) Forgist designer made in Italy

Journal of a (post) Forgist designer made in Italy

Last October 31st, I went to the first conference of the Italian role-playing games authors, which has been held during the Lucca Comics & Games 2018 fair, and to which I partook with a small speech with the same title of this post, and with the following abstract:

Six years apart from the closure of the American forum “The Forge”, there is a small group of Italian amateur indie designers who took the baton of that culture and who are bringing it forward with passion and enthusiasm.

I will briefly talk to you of my experience in a journal made up of played games, game design, writing of games, trips to conventions, and friendships between enthusiasts.

Some people here in Italy (and Ron Edwards abroad) asked me if it was possible to get the slides I used during the presentation. No problem: they are publicly available on Prezi at the link below. Of course, they are in Italian, but they are also quite self-explanatory; I cannot exclude to do an English version of the presentation, too, in the future.

Thanks for your attention, and enjoy the show!

Diario di un designer post-forgita made in Italy