Monday Lab: DIY Diagram

I like those diagrams so much that I feel lonely about it, and I was getting so irritated with being too personally talky during labs. that I was pleased to find the solution to both. “Bring your own,” I said, and led a little curriculum through making them.

And finally that meant the insights from them don’t have to be re-introduced by me over and over, as people saw that these diagrams only illustrate the “brute-force” rules of play, which exist in ways that permit more flexible and elective rules to be applied when they should, and all of which together, creates a play-space among us in which other human dynamics can begin to cause things of their own.

Long ago, I called something the Fruitful Void, and not long after, Vincent followed up with something called the Whirlwind. Come and see what we’re talking about.


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