The merchant’s wife

I’m spacing out the discussion of Tor’s project post by post, because it’s in such an early stage that each chat we have turns into a big block, or stage, of the process. If I’m not mistaken, this one is pretty much the turning point from “playing D&D 5th edition on purpose” to “his own actual game using the 5th edition OGL.”

I considered not posting this because I didn’t like my demeanor in it, as I was really tired and my social antennae, not always my best feature anyway, were limp … however, at about halfway through I mentally smacked myself and shaped up. Even so, I was thinking, was this really good for Tor’s project, and then, while editing, realized how much we did. It’s a lot!

  • 5th edition OGL
  • Coin mechanic
  • Working title
  • Dungeon-Town feedback loop
  • Town as game-play (reward mechanics)
  • Player-generated setting content
  • Preparation time

I want to stress how much these points are interrelated, every one. The working title, that is, what we discussed about it, is at the center of whatever diagram of connections you’d draw for that.

Why “the merchant’s wife?” Give a look-and-listen, and you’ll see.

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