January coursework

We begin again! I’m motivated, as I’ve seen multiple impacts and continued development for many people over the past tw years. This format and set of topics seems to be working.

The term begins January 9, and as always, runs for five weeks. A given course meets on a specific day each week, as indicated below; further logistics may be found in the linked descriptions. This time, the courses are:

People and Play (Mondays) presents the immediate experience of play: what it’s like to do it, what interactions and concepts are involved, some of the shapes and profiles the activity has taken on over its history, and its qualities as a unique medium of expression. Its lens is “the obvious,” what you know you do when you’re doing it. This course is the prerequisite for all the others.

Phenomena (Wednesdays) addresses procedures and experiences of role-playing which are not so easily accessed or noticed when you do them: what effects and responses underlie such things as rules and inspiration. I like to think of it as the physiology inside and underlying the anatomy and behavior of People and Play.

Situation and Story (Thursdays) explains how fiction appears via this funny thing we do, when it wasn’t already there to be told. This course examines the situations of play: what is in them, how they are constructed, and how they change. It provides practical comparisons and experiences based on the whole historical range of the activity, to understand and build individual skills.

Please ask any questions about their content or purpose here, or reflect on any courses you’ve taken so far.


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