Last course term in 2022

I was a little surprised to find that there is one window remaining this year for my five-week term for coursework. I’ll offer two courses, beginning November 7. One will run Mondays November 7 through December 5, and the other Thursdays November 10 through December 8.

That was rather laborious to express fully. In Sweden one says, for example, “weeks 45-49” and then the days of the week, which is a scheduling turn of phrase I think is very wise even if I’m still not good at it.

Content, signup, and procedural details for the courses may be found at their respective links below; I’ve also copied the descriptions from there. Please note that if you haven’t taken People and Play, you cannot take either of these. This is a rare term in which I am not offering People and Play, which is the prerequisite couse for all the others. A lot of people have taken it this year, however, and I think it’s safe to focus on these for one term.

(Mondays) Playing with The Pool: This course uses James V. West’s The Pool as a means to go very deep into how speaking and procedures actually work. It draws upon the game’s disturbing feature to expose things which you personally are bad at and manage to elide in any other game. The content includes further examination and training in several games designed after The Pool as well.

(Thursdays) Action in Your Action: This course examines the ordering and resolution of fictional confrontations in detail, with rules, rules, and more rules. It reveals the value of complexity, especially its diversity across historical design, and clarifies the difference between merely busy procedures and desirable, exciting ones.


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