September coursework registration

Not to be too “100th monkey” about this, but there is a noticeable critical mass phenomenon showing up here, as more people take the courses and they continue to interact through play and discussions. I think this whole endeavor is achieving more in just a few months than anything else I’ve done regarding role-playing in the past couple of decades.

As I’m writing this, the final session of the current courses are wrapping up. I’m a bit amazed at how well Numeracy flew for its first time, and you may have noticed that some of its concepts are already creeping into my online conversations. As usual I’m wiped out by the end of a term but in a good way, knowing that after a few weeks’ break I’ll be even more motivated for the next one.

If you’re all set and ready to hop in for the new term, click on the cartoon notebook at the top of the sidebar to go to the Payhip page with my things on it; the courses are first on the list.

In more detail …

The upcoming term begins during the first full week of September and as usual runs for five weeks.

  • People and Play meets Mondays, beginning September 5 and finishing October 3. This is the course underpinning all the others, and will almost always be included per term.
  • The Ronnies meets Thursdays, beginning September 8 and finishing October 6. Best understood as the anti-design course, or how to enjoy design as inspiration and casual accompaniment to play. It is, I may say, also distinctively fun.

All of the logistics about times, payment, venue, et cetera, are available at each page, no need to ask about them here.

Thanks everyone!


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