Chaos Marches (D&D 5E) A Little Backdrop

Setting / Backdrop has come up in some recent discussions as well, regarding a game in design and situations. How much is too much or too little? I think that depends on your taste. A game like Symbaroum is heavy setting. Glorantha is heavy setting as well and it changes depending on the system you play it with. Shadowrun is tied to the Sixth World and Earthdawn is tied to the Fourth (I think). 

As an aside, who doesn't miss the connection between Earthdawn and Shadowrun? Maybe it is just me). 

But the Chaos Marches really can be played with any fantasy setting. It borrows art from BECMI D&D (Larry Elmore to be exact) and needs a once over. I may add a FAQ if people find it useful enough and ask questions, though the point is just to fire the imagination and create a space to explore. I might do a space version as well.

I do have a map of sorts, but am not posting that yet. I want to see if it is needed.

Here is a link

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  1. “Any fantasy setting”

    I hope this doesn't come off as contentious, but as I see it, you have ensured that one cannot play/use "any fantasy setting," and that this is a good thing. You have provided a prevailing or guiding aesthetic – and part of that aesthetic includes invoking specific ways of role-playing and views toward fantasy. I especially like the openness to "do as you wilt" with it, stated in such a way that it's not paralyzing.

    • Not contentious at all. I see

      Not contentious at all. I see what you are saying there. I actually believe that I may have meant to say "system" instead of "setting", but even that would not be true. My intention was to emphasize more that you did not have to play with D&D 5E or "The Realms", but that may have been extraneous on my part.  

      But certainly the artwork I chose and the call backs to West Marches play does draw a certain picture of how play can proceed. 

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