Project Mythic Episode 3-5 Actual Play


Brand new actual play episode for MYTHIC D6!

We play Twice as Bright from the MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology.

Player Characters for the game found Here are for anyone curious to heroes mechanically.


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  1. Don’t split the party!

    Hi Jerry, I noticed that in this game and the Babies with Knives game the players / characters split up – perusing different clues like proper comic book supers  

    Is there anything in Mythic d6, or in how you run it, that helps manage this? Do you have to adjust number or power of villains for example? Or bring down the hammer to teach them a lesson?

    • Hello Ross,

      Hello Ross,

      No there are no rules to govern when a group splits up. I actually like it when a group splits up and pursues different tasks concurrently. Not just a staple of superheroic games, but in a lot of genres the heroes are all over the place basking in their own one or two-person spotlight.

      Most of the above actual play occurs with two different groups following separate leads only to regroup towards the end to make the magic happen.

      I try never to change what’s happening to suit the group, but I never punish them either. I just roll with whatever the players are doing and evolve accordingly.

      NPC creation in MYTHIC D6 is very loose and governed by their Ability Level (AL). An NPC’s AL will determine how many dice they roll and the amount of power they can bring to bear. So, for instance, an AL 4 NPC would have 4dice to use when making skill checks and would do a default amount of damage each attack. You can define it however you like (punches, knives, eyebeams, etc). Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that but it's easy to handle and quick to write up

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