Emo poetry inside

It’s our fifth session of Monsterhearts! With only two more to finish editing to get current. This game took a hit between playtesting and summer family obligations, so the last session we played was about two months ago. I’d like to get back to it soon, so if you want to help with that, comment here so the other players feel hot / cold / dark / volatile (circle one).

What I’d like you to note in this one is the generally minimal amount of action and situation-shaking events. It’s more about the fallout from such things in the previous session, and about what the characters look like now.

As usual, I’m sad that Alastor’s player can’t be seen, as he’s a responsive and attentive participant. There are several points where someone you can see is responding to some look or gesture of his, which I know is happening because I was there, but seems to a viewer of the video that it’s coming out of nowhere.

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  1. Next session!

    Here's session #6, which be warned, ran into sound problems. This was recorded back in May, when my technical facilities went into a trough for a bit, and it shows. Fortunately that was followed by a significant uptick in everything, but this is an artifact of the blue period.

    Anyway, you'll see that Piotr's and Alastor's situations slowed down – maybe even stalled. I recall that we did play the party that everyone's talking about in this session, but it didn't get recorded, or perhaps it was in the next session. If the former, then you should know Dagny came up with a terribly wretched party outfit and had a big gory fight with Jessica.


  2. Vicious (Reward) Cycles

    I'm hoping you do get to pick this up again because it would be really interesting to see if its possible for these poor broken monsters to break out of their destructive behaviours given the right tools – the growing up moves. Assuming these are the right tools.

    At the monment it kind of feels like they might have driven them selves so far over the edge way before that time that nobody will care – maybe there's an open question about whether the game economy is tuned correctly for this? I can see that if Dagny had her moment of clarity and then all was well that would have been unsatisfying but if she cycles round and round then the players sympathy and interest probably drains away. Interesting,

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