We tried Dialect on Giù lo Schermo (YouTube)

It was the end of May (actually, 21st), and me and my friends Antonio Amato (of Mammut RPG) and Daniele Sanna (role-playing games connoisseur) agreed to play Dialect (Kathryn Hymes & Hakan Seyalıoğlu, 2018) on Google+ Hangouts.

Antonio is a sort of Italian “veteran” of Dialect but, in fact, he’s simply the first person in the Italian indie role-playing games community who read and facilitated the game to other people. But consider this: our game was only the second Antonio run.

On the other hand, me and the other Daniele had just managed to partially read the rulebook. Therefore, we were not the “ideal” gaming group, but we nonetheless could run the game and enjoyed it very much.

On that same day, Ron Edwards sent me with a Patreon message notifying one of the game design labs he holds through Discord, and I replied to him I was sorry, but I could not have taken part to the lab because I was going to play Dialect instead. Therefore, Ron asked me to record the game; the idea struck me, so I asked Antonio and Daniele, who agreed to record it on my YouTube channel, and we improvised the streaming.

Then, I moved the video on the YouTube channel “Giù lo Schermo”, on which some fellow Italian players and I show how to play several indie role-playing games.

The other thing Ron did was asking me to post the link to the video here, even if the session was in Italian. And so here I am: with a link to the YouTube playlist of the entire game.

In our game, we chose to play with the Backdrop (i.e. scenario) titled “Toybox Tales” and written by Stephanie Nudelman. It is in the rulebook at the pages 104-105. In other words, we played a sort of Toy Story-like Isolation (i.e. community).

Here it is the image of our gaming table:

At the end of our first session, we concluded Age 2 of the game and, due to the late hour, we decided to end the game on a future date, which is tonight.

I hope you can find our actual play interesting.

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  1. Fantastic and welcome!

    For those like me who are always behind the curve, look for the auto-translate feature in Settings, the little gear icon. It's pretty good.

    I'm looking forward to reviewing this, especially to compare or partner it with a criminally unappreciated game called Primitive, by Kevin Allen Jr, about the birth of language.

    • I’m really glad that the auto

      I'm really glad that the auto-translate feature of YouTube works well. It was great to play Dialect but it's nice to know that our game can also be useful!

      Can you tell me more about Primitive? I can't find anything on Google.

    • Wow! I’m a sort of Italian

      Wow! I’m a sort of Italian fan ok Kevin’s games: I bought both the digital editions of Sweet Agatha and Pickets & Blinds. I played the first one three times (and reviewed in GDR Time #2, an Italian e-zine about role-playing games, and on my podcast), while I’ve not read the second one yet.

      Now I’m very curious about this new game about the birth of language.

  2. Thanks for sharing~

    I am quite taken with the idea of Dialect, and have enjoyed reading the backer release.

    It is also very nice to consider it in conjunction with Primitive which I had heard nothing about. 

    • You are very welcome! 

      You are very welcome! wink

      My advice is: go and play Dialect. It’s a game everyone should play!

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