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Psychic social science fiction hits the "drama" button

We continue with Khaotic, in our Spelens Hus group! With special attention to the remarkable internalization each player has undergone regarding their characters, as I've received plenty of contributions from all of them regarding backstories, plans, details, and relationships.

The video below is session 5 and a reflection afterwards, ontinuing with the game first introduced at What could go wrong? and, I might add, answering that question in some detail.

The characters in this game are often stuck together literally, psychically occupying a single body, but this occurs only when they do a TransEgo jump to Xenos. On Earth, they are regular people running around independently, and it's clear from the text that plenty of play is expected to occur there. One engages just as much with 2030 Earth (as conceived in 1994, the game's year of publication) as with the striking tech-noir of Xenos.

Play so far hasn't allowed much such play, so this session is the first in which getting immediately to Xenos isn't the primary aim of the ISES management. As my reflection at the end mentions, I've put a fair amount of effort lately into claiming and interpreting the book's extensive setting material, "Ron"-ing it if you will, so that many of the authors' agencies, cultural implications, persons, and science-fiction-things have gone through a filter, either to be abandoned, adopted more or less as written, or re-shaped in my way. So now I'm feeling very comfortable and ready for anything, located anywhere on Xenos and anywhere on Earth.

Also in this session, since the visuals were borked, I used maps throughout the presentation to show where the characters are. This was a particularly nice example of how a map interacts with the players' statements about their characters' movements and with my decisions about how to play the NPCs, including the outcomes of interactive rolls. The result is to see where each person is and what they have in-hand and in-mind when the monster-bomb goes off, and for that (all the locations, et cetera) to make a lot of sense in terms of what can happen next.

Actual Play