A customizable game in development by Tod Foley.

  • Chase Mechanics in CORE

    Chase Mechanics in CORE

    In last night's CORE session, three reality-sliders tumbled through four scenarios:– Resurrect Frankenstein's Monster & teach him love– Camel race to save the baby Jesus– National dance competition vs Evil– Car chase thru 1972 farmers market to deliver Pulsing Tesseract to The Spindle All these settings were mere justifications for me to playtest a few…

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  • Setting aside the explanations

    Setting aside the explanations

    The explanation for this image is wonderfully apparent in the second session. Tod requested consulting specifically about late-stage design, bordering on presentation and writing, concerning how to GM, which in turn includes how to present and teach the game. As people reading this probably know, this is my cue to do exactly what the client…

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