Adept Play Happening 2024

From August 30 through September 8, I will host a gathering here in Norrköping, Sweden, where I live. The venue is Spelens Hus, Slottsgatan 133, a downtown location for game culture, with several open rooms, a kitchen, and a generally comfortable feel.

It will be open 10 AM to 6 PM each day, for open play, conversation, workshops, and generally celebrating what we do. There will be no commerce or product-oriented promotion.

please note that the Swedish calendar format begins with Monday at the left and ends with Sunday at the right

Events are placed by morning/afternoon, black for games and blue for workshops, and you are welcome to organize your own (see below). A given time slot can hold more than one event; the above graphic is just the beginning.


There is no admission fee, and no tickets or anything of the sort. The place/event is open for whoever arrives.

Money is involved in another way. I can’t do this without at least a little coming in. You may donate 300 kronor (about $25 U.S./25 Euro) or higher if you’d like.

  • If the total reaches 10,000 kr, then the event can in fact happen ACHIEVED
  • If 20,000, beverages will be available on-site (saft, soft drinks, coffee) and each day will include a Swedish fika
  • If 30,000, I will organize helpers for all logistics like how to get around or deal with sudden difficulties, or to set the right plan for local activities like hiking or museum visits
  • If 40,000, I will provide the means for recording play and conversations when people want to, including cameras and people who know how to use them

Again, donating has nothing to do with attending, and it doesn’t confer any benefits or access at the event. It does purchase the current, playable version of Amerika: Story Now in the Radical U.S.A.

Vacation time

If you want to turn it into an actual vacation, in which the Happening is just a part, Norrköping is a good place for it. There is a ton of history and art here, excellent food and music, and nature reserves. A day-trip gets you to hiking, kayaking, Kolmården Zoo, and other very-vacation type activities.


Travel: if you’re flying from overseas, land in Arlanda-Stockholm and take the SJ train to Norrköping Resecentrum. More local travel is easiest by train as well.

Lodging: the city is convenient for walking and bicycles, including trams, so it’s better to stay downtown. All of these sites have language options.

Consider carefully whether you prefer a hotel breakfast or a kitchenette. Don’t stay at a place which doesn’t provide either.

Food and other things’ prices in Stockholm are very high, but they are much more reasonable here. 100-120 kronor is standard for lunch of any kind, even fancy cuisine. Groceries are typically similarly priced as in the States, or a bit less.

Important quirks regarding visiting Sweden

Notify your bank to make sure your bank card will work internationally. Seriously: cash is obsolete and refused almost everywhere, even including Swedish kronor, so don’t bother with currency exchange. Your card can be used for everything, including local transit.

If you’re driving a car, please review the laws, which are distinctive. The penalties are quite stiff and you may be better off driving only on highways for arrival and departure. Pedestrians and cyclists have right-of-way under all circumstances, e.g., you must stop at crossings for them even before they go onto the road. Do not drink any alcohol and drive, ever.

Most people here speak English. However, not everyone, and not all of them like it. Ask nicely if it’s OK.

Water is available for free in restaurants, but you have to ask for it. Tipping is not expected and in most places, it is considered patronizing and unwelcome. Hotels or tourist-oriented places include a tipping option in their payment process, but 5% is fine, and 10% is nuts. Also, in most restaurants, you are expected to clear your own table; there’s a special rack for it.


Unusually, this page has comments enabled. Use them – if you are sure – to let me know that you’ll be there and, if you want, commit to leading a play-session or topics-based discussion. If you have questions about the event, use the new channel at the Discord server.

15 responses to “Adept Play Happening 2024”

  1. Am excited, will play (and probably participate in other activities as well). I am also a resident of Norrköping so if you have any questions I will try to help with what I can. 🙂

    • Both would be great. Maybe one game and one discussion, for early scheduling? You can add more later or, as I think will be easier, bring materials for impromptu play and conversations.

  2. I’m coming! Me and the family, so there’ll be a mix of gaming and sightseeing. Hopefully we’ll be there for the whole time but depending on my class schedule we might only hit part of it.

    Definitely will facilitate something(s)–currently thinking about My Daughter, the Queen of France and It Was a Mutual Decision.

    • Let me know a day and slot (morning/afternoon) for the games. It’s not fixed in place due to whatever schedule you’ll eventually have for the stay, but it would be good to see up on the chart. I don’t think I’ll finalize the schedule for quite a while.

    • It Was a Mutual Decision – Morning of the 5th.

      My Daughter, the Queen of France – Evening of the 7th.

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