Coyote & Crow

(in person, my house)— 1 GM (rotating) 3 players. When I first moved to Tucson 3 years ago, I knew I needed a role-playing group in order to make the town truly feel like home. I went to RINCON, our local gaming convention, and found two GMs that I really enjoyed from one-shots or things they’d said at the Game Master’s forum. At the convention during a dinner break, I suggested we create a group at my house and use the sessions to run games that are more experimental in nature, just to more obscure games for a test run. And that way no one would have to be Forever DM.  

The Coyote & Crow system itself is d12-based and interesting. The mythology is vast and…a little disturbing, if I’m being honest. The premise of the game is science-fantasy based on a North America that was never colonized. That lack of colonization is explained by a meteor strike that wiped out most of what would be Europe. So, I’m starting out realizing I’m playing in a world where everyone who looks like me has been wiped out in a mass extinction event. It’s…a little unsettling. The mythology is one that I haven’t been able to read completely through, so the world is revealed a bit at a time. Sometimes the amount of world-building needed in my head feels like frantic dog-paddling.  

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  1. We have indeed started playing! And I’ve found it to be a very enjoyable game.

    The naming conventions are very different in Coyote & Crow.
    So much so that our GM created an index card area on the gaming table. As we go along, characters and concepts in the world are added to remind us of names and plot points.

    Additionally, the world has these “oh, of course” moments that are really cool.
    Bows and arrows gave way to mag-bows/energy bows…
    The wheel was never really a thing. Pulled sledges gave way to hover sledges…

    Functionally, we’ve become a kind of CIA/MI5 team that investigates corruptions in the supernatural and situations that could cause friction between the tribes.

    So far, it is really fun. Alas, we are running into one of the key stumbling blocks of adult role-playing…scheduling. We’ll build momentum for a few sessions and then have to cancel because of someone’s work issue. It diminishes the group’s drive and makes it hard to remember some of the more complex plot elements we uncovered.

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