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Conversation: Safe Spaces [Games and Education]

The Games and Education podcast series by Keenan Kibrick is no small thing! I am very happy to be invited for a conversation there, and even more so about morality, explicit content, real-world emotions, and boundaries. That's what my 2003 publication Sex & Sorcery was all about.

You see, I think the developments from there haven't been so great. The X Card, in particular, seems to me to be both dull and crude (two different things), and ultimately ineffective toward its stated aim. I anticipated a lot of pushback about this, and possibly the negative outcome of being labeled retrograde. To my surprise and tiny, tiny hope, Keenan also has his observations and reservations about that, and ... joy of joy, his intended topic turned out to be how Lines, Veils, and related techniques open up our interactions rather than shut them down.

Hence, "safe space" is not a preventative buffer, but rather a working vehicle or platform for going where we otherwise may not have done. A door. Un. Locked.

Here's the episode: 13: Safe spaces in games with Ron Edwards.

Keenan tells me that he's also going to post the full-length, 90-minute version, so look for that as well.