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Hop skip jump scribbles

Specialized viewing only: three D&D players working up the details for their 4E characters, because the DM wants to do a level jump, from 3rd to 7th. Even though each has looked through the books, this is a significant accounting/build task, so - only if you're interested.

It is, however, actually interesting. 4E - like a lot of games with this heft - is basically a 'port of Champions, and since I'm now deep-diving into Champions (again), it's a genuine test case of "how someone else did it." And regarding 4E for its own sake, this is way more oriented toward characterization and coolness than toward mere combo-building; I maintain that the latter serves the former to a stronger degree than most games.

We've instituted a "followers" concept that I think fits well. The rules already have coherent mechanics for how to play such characters, but this is a framework for how many you can have at what levels of their own.

Given the crazy superhero design trilogy I seem to have generated, this game's on hiatus, but doing this was a lot of fun, and I hope it's not the endpoint. I've got more psychedelic mazes to turn into dungeon vortices, and there are too many excellent monster builds to turn away from now.

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