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This is the very kind interview with Lucas Falk, including Peter Malmberg as fellow guest. Late in the evening during Lincon, Lucas found a corridor which seemed quiet, pulled some interesting high-backed, well-padded chairs into a curiously intimate small circle, and commenced to interview there. We did not expect that most of Linköping would then gather in that exact area and make noise, so the interview is more "naturalistic" than it should be, but that clears soon.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
24 Jun 2019

Plenty of impromptu things happened at Gothcon. One was an off-the-cuff interview with Peter Malmberg, one-half the team of Rollspelsfika.

The first couple of sentences are in Swedish, or my attempt thereat, but afterwards it's in English.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 May 2019
Games: Everway