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Hi, I finally had the discipline to get out of my paralyzing swamp to continue this game, thanks to Sean and Robotwist. Here is what I prepped, what I threw out, what happened, and some questions. I also have specific rules questions, and wondering thought about “how to deal with complex diagrams”, which could be rephrase into “are my diagrams too complex”?.

Posted by: Greg
19 Apr 2020

So we finalized Azur’s character and played our first session.

Character finalization

We finalized Laura’s character while reviewing the rules together so here is the reworked version. We used the Sorcerer & Sword rules for humanity and she traded off 2 points of humanity for 2 points in Will. Her character, Azur, is now:

Posted by: Greg
25 Mar 2019
Games: Sorcerer

My Desperate Sorcerer's group split up before we can continue and I absolutly wanted to GM Sorcerer. After a few of S/Lay W/Me sessions with Laura where we tried different ways of “playing loose”, we wanted to play a Sorcerer and Sword game. Furthermore, Sorcerer & Sword states explicitly that it’s good to play with only one player.

Posted by: Greg
19 Mar 2019
Games: Sorcerer