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I did three solo-play sessions of Ironsworn. The audio is here, but be warned that no editing has been done; thinking silences are preserved as well as physical and mental coughing and hitching.

Posted by: Hans
15 Nov 2022
Games: Ironsworn

Over the last couple of days I played the solo game Thousand Year Old Vampire. Attached to this post you will find two documents. The first document represents what the character looked like after setup. The second document contains what the character looked like by the time the game was over. The second document is highly annotated so you can see what happened when.

Posted by: Jesse Burneko
28 Feb 2022

I had no idea what kind of character I wanted to make for a solo Ironsworn game, so I left as much of it as I could up to the oracles. The result was Myrick of Lostwater, a guy who was both relaxed and hostile somehow.

Posted by: Mike Olson
20 Feb 2022
Games: Ironsworn

Olen pelannut Puhvelilinna-sooloseikkailua Tunnels & trolls -pelin seitsemännellä laitoksella (30. vuosipäivän laitos, joskus muinoin hankittu). Seikkailu vaatii vähän soveltamista ja sen tasapaino lienee erikoinen tämän laitokset kanssa, mutta ei se mitään. Nyt on aika iso osa linnasta kartoitettu, vaikkakaan ei kaikkea. Otin tämän samalla sääntöjen oppimisen hengessä.

Posted by: Tommi
07 Jul 2021

I am playing Annalise by Nathan Paoletta for the first time. I’ve only just begun to engage with the system, since I’m only a couple of scenes into play. That being said, I am looking forward to get back into it.

Posted by: Alex Yari
10 Mar 2021
Games: Annalise

The slow burn topic on my mind lately is randomization, for any and all ways it’s been employed in role-playing. As Justin and I discussed in the Design Curriculum series, solo games provide a useful comparison in terms of randomizing mechanics.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
10 Jan 2019
Games: The Beast

At this point, we needed to do three things at once. First, to make sure we filled in any missing points or caught up with anything Justin wanted to revisit; second, to lay down some important points about design as a process, as I thought we'd maybe strayed into play-theory at the expense of the real topic of "make a game;" and third, to take the time to address any topics as they occurred to either of us as we went along.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Jan 2019

I've mentioned the "Escape from Queztec'l" solo adventure from my High Fantasy corebook a couple of times in recent videos, which prompted me to bust out some dice and play it. I was a player in a game about thirty years ago, but haven't tried this feature until now. I'm especially interested in it as a teaching device, for which the text is pretty explicit.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 May 2018