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This was at a small convention some years ago (between 3 and 6, I would say), in the middle of nowhere, Finland. The game master and the other players were all strangers to me. There was maybe three or four players. I went in to fill the table, anyways, as I did with Savage worlds in the same con, too.

Posted by: Tommi
14 Oct 2020

This is how I ran these games: (in English)

I am going to tell about two linked one-shots; the first was open table, essentially gaming on demand, at a con and I am describing the last of the sessions, while the second session was an online oneshot.

Posted by: Tommi
13 Sep 2020

For the past year and a half, I’ve been running a meetup group in my town for roleplaying games. Every few weeks, we run one-shot events intended to be accessible for new players. I’ve introduced a few people to roleplaying games, and many people to indie games.

Posted by: badspeler
25 Apr 2020

A friend of ours kindly GMs his variation of The Sugar Hill Invasion (by Fainting Goat Games) for Icons.
Check out our character generation session at:

Posted by: Lallatwittle
30 Jul 2019
Games: Icons

Come join BwK  as we get a group together to learn the Lone Wolf Adventure Game together!  Even the GM's trying it for the first time!  We have lots of fun and 2 rather cool scenes I was asked to bookmark in the video description.

Posted by: Lallatwittle
30 Jul 2019

Rich Rogers joinsthe BwK crew for a demo session of his new TTRPG designed to concentrate on street level play.  Be sure to check out the character and block generation we did prior to the actual play:

Posted by: Lallatwittle
30 Jul 2019
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Come join Babies with Knives as Mythic D6 creator Jerry D. Grayson gives us a crash course (without crashing the helicopter) of action adventure within the system and default setting!  We even get to play with the PreGen Iconics from the book!  Lots of fun!

Posted by: Lallatwittle
30 Jul 2019
Games: Mythic D6

... Has This Been Goin' On? Alternative equally music-meming title: My Only Friend, the End. Or, wait, how about, Stop! In the Name of What?

This is about how long we play, in real time. It can refer to the length of a session, how many sessions relative to a given fictional situation, how long

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Sep 2018

When I was a 10 year old child, I tried to gamemaster a few Toon games with my classmates during recess, but I could never get it to work. Barring that, the following is an account of my first time roleplaying, and certainly the first time that I participated as a player.

Posted by: Santiago Verón
31 Jan 2018