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Here a game of Sorcerer I am playing with Rod Anderson and Jon Hastings. I'm GMing and following the instructions in the Sorcerer and Sword supplement to create a Howardesque fantasy setting. Attached are PDFs of the setting document I used to launch the game, along with the PDFs of their chracters, including context wheels. I'll talk more about the game later in the comments and also post links to our subsequent sessions as we complete them. 

Posted by: AlanRB
16 May 2022

The stars aligned and I found myself with willing participants to play Ribbon Drive, by Avery Alder.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
12 Feb 2021
Games: Ribbon Drive

I presented several titles to play or try with the Spelens Hus group, and this is the one that received the most votes. I sometimes forget how well-established the voting practice is here in Sweden, especially for small project-oriented groups and workplaces.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
12 Nov 2020

The super-powered young (and not-so-young) godlings are now in action.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Nov 2020

Ola Jansson has been working on his Compact Stories for a while, with plenty of playtesting and revision along the way. But it's hit that point I've identified as critical, when the design questions and the presentation questions are bleeding into one another. With any luck I can put some of the work of the past couple of years at this site to good use.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Jul 2020

When Champions was first published, most people involved in role-playing accepted, or even expected, to put in extensive effort before play. Today, plug-and-play is widely recognized as a virtue, whether justified by playing in convention situations or by citing friends who reasonably do not commit to complex nonsense before doing the thing they want to do.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
06 Aug 2018
Games: Champions Now

The topic is group preparation, when you spend some time together creating and customizing the setting and situation. Whether it's a pitch, a series of rules steps,a suggestion-and-approval process, or anything like that - we hit it from a lot of angles and a lot of examples.

Joining me are Ray, Herman, Ángel, Santiago, and Moreno, for what appears to be my first real success at production for a group activity. At last, no tiny head.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
16 Apr 2018