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I’ve been DMing a game of Moldvay/Cook B/X Dungeons & Dragons with Robbie and Sean using the module Slumbering Ursine Dunes by Chris Kutalik.

Posted by: Jon Hastings
28 Aug 2022

I’m currently 72 sessions into a D&D5e campaign I started in March of 2019. It is day 189 for the adventurers. The players are just beginning to reach level 10ish. I have a roadmap for the game out to level 20. Who knows how far we’ll make it or how long this will go on?

Posted by: Jesse Burneko
17 Jul 2021
Games: D&D 5E

Used without permission from The Other Side BlogWe finished up the 5 session run with Blueholme and The Lost City (B4) last night

Posted by: Sean_RDP
15 Jun 2021

I am going to run an adventure using the 1981 D&D Basic Set. There have been a number of conversations that hit on directly, or indirectly, this set of rules and as it was my first RPG experience, I want to take a look back. More than a look, I want to run the game as is, by the rules as much as humanly possible. One of the things I have realized over the these conversations is that my recollection of the rules has been innacurate.

Posted by: Sean_RDP
23 Sep 2020
Games: D&D Basic